From Trainee to Trainer: Emily’s Story

In the world of education and personal development, there’s a growing recognition of the value of effective trainers, teachers and coaches. They play a pivotal role in shaping the future by equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. One such trainer is Emily, a Teaching and Learning Coach at Training Now.

Training Now is a nationwide training company specialising in the delivery of practical social care, education and business apprenticeships as well as government funded, free short courses for Care Workers and professional qualifications.

Emily’s journey into this role is an inspiring tale of transformation and a testament to the importance of dedicated mentors.

Meet Emily: A Coach with a Purpose

A month ago, Emily joined Training Now as a Teaching and Learning Coach, supporting apprentices through their qualifications. But before embarking on this exciting new chapter, Emily worked as a senior support worker at Voyage Care, where she, herself completed an apprenticeship.

From Apprentice to Trainer

In 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Emily studied for her level 3 Lead Adult Care Worker qualification. It was during this time that Emily encountered a Teaching and Learning Coach who would change the trajectory of her career aspirations forever. She fondly recalls,

“My Teaching and Learning Coach was brilliant with me. She was really good at explaining things to me. I need things explained to me in a way I’d understand them, and she was really good with that.”

With the support of her mentor during a difficult year of studying in the wake of the pandemic, Emily passed her apprenticeship. Motivated by the professionalism and kindness received from her teaching and learning coach during that time, she then set herself to pursuing a similar career path.

Training the Next Generation

Emily’s experience highlights the immense importance of having a dedicated trainer or mentor who understands and supports the unique learning needs of each individual. She emphasises,

“Having someone there that’s really supportive and that will give you what you need and cater to how you learn is really important.”

It is this insight into the needs of apprentices within social care that has enabled Emily to excel in her role. Joining a specialist provider of health and social care training, she has been able to use her past experiences to support the career development of the next generation of care workers.

“It’s nice to actually be training the next generation of carers, which is really, really good. That makes me feel happy.”

Looking to the Future

Emily is thoroughly enjoying her role as a teaching and learning coach and wants to take her passion for teaching others further.

Her aspirations are clear. As she progresses in her career, Emily plans to pursue a Certificate of Education, with a long-term dream to travel the world while teaching. As she aptly puts it,

“That’s my ultimate dream, my 10-year plan.”

Training Now

Emily’s story is a reminder of the transformational power of dedicated trainers and mentors in health and social care. At Training Now, we are fortunate to have excellent team members like Emily who share a true passion for supporting the next generation of care workers and leaders.

Our range of apprenticeships, courses and free AEB training options are enabling people across the UK to find the right career path for them. For those thinking of a career in training, Emily offers this advice,

“Gain knowledge in the field that you’re in. Gain as much knowledge as you can and get those qualifications. Really get inspired to do things. And if you really want it, you will do it.”

If you are inspired by Emily’s story, find out how you can start your career today.

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