Our complaints procedure

We expect your time with us to be a positive experience, but we accept that sometimes you will have concerns. The complaints and appeals processes are reflected here, should you require them.

  • Stage 1

    Should you need to contact us to make a complaint about any aspect of the programme or experience, please email info@training-now.co.uk or write to us at Training Now, Admiralty Buildings, Castletown, Portland, DT5 1BB.

    You must provide detailed information about the complaint, including dates, times and witnesses.

    Complaints must be received within two weeks of the incident occurring.

  • Stage 2

    All complaints will be dealt with in a fair, sensitive and professional manner, fully investigated by the appropriate line manager and conducted within seven days.

    Where additional evidence is required a request in writing will be made direct to you before a resolution can be concluded.

  • Stage 3

    Following the investigation you will be invited in to a face-to-face meeting to discuss the findings and proposed resolutions.

    If a resolution cannot be agreed, your complaint will be
    escalated to the operations director, who will contact to you to confirm receipt of your complaint.

    The operations director will then complete an independent investigation to resolve the complaint within 21 days.

Appeals procedure against assessment decisions

  • Stage 1

    Initially, our advice would be to speak to your teaching and learning coach and discuss your reasons for appeal.

    Your teaching and learning coach may be able to provide further information about assessment decisions which either clarify any issues, or strengthen your grounds for appeal.

  • Stage 2

    If you are still not satisfied, as with the complaints procedure, you may put your concerns in writing to the operations director.

  • Stage 3

    If we are unable to resolve your appeal, we will provide you with contact details for the External Awarding Body, and request that they look into the matter.