Quality assurance

Quality assurance plays a key role in making sure all our learning programmes are effective.

These are the key individuals and their roles in our quality assurance:

External evaluation

Training Now’s provision is externally inspected by Ofsted. This may involve the apprentice and the employer.

The expectation from Ofsted will be to have open access to the place of work to carry out several activities, including learner and employer interviews and observations.

This all adds to valuable feedback on the experience and the impact the programme is having/has had on the apprentice, their ability to carry out their job role and the effect that progression has had on an organisation.

Teaching and learning coach

Teaching and learning coaches support and guide the apprentice throughout their learning and assessment in the workplace.

They provide guidance throughout their programme, while also carrying out formative/summative assessments at key milestones in the learner’s development.

They are also responsible for signing off qualifications, once completed.

Quality assurer (QA)

The QA is responsible for making sure that the teaching and learning coaches’ work meets the required quality standards as defined by the awarding organisation.

The QA may observe sessions to ensure the quality of learning delivery and assessment.

External quality assurer (QA)

The EQA is employed by the awarding organisation or end-point assessment (EPA) organisation to make sure we are meeting the required quality standards.

They may on occasion, wish to meet with or phone an employer to ask about their experience and whether we are providing the appropriate support. Any meetings with the EQA would be planned in advance.

Where end-point assessment is a requirement this would be done by the EQA. The assessment may be a workplace project, exam or discussion.

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