Fast learners – delivering social care training during COVID

The COVID-19 global pandemic has had an unprecedented effect on all our lives, including the social care, business and education training we deliver here at Training Now.

But we’re fast learners, and we adapted quickly. During lockdown our training went online, still delivered by our expert Teaching and Learning Coaches (TALCs).

And now we’re happy to say that we’re delivering face-to-face training again, after thorough risk assessments to ensure the safety of delegates and Training Now employees. Read more about this in our COVID-19 statement.

Continuing to support our learners

During lockdown we were still always on hand – virtually – should apprentices need extra support. We offered academic and pastoral support – our team appreciated that some people were finding it harder than usual to complete work. And we kept up communication through our website, newsletter and Facebook feed.

What we learnt about online training during lockdown

Training Now's Alina Hemkova

We asked one of our TALCs – Alina – to tell us about her experience of training during lockdown…

Online training was efficient and straightforward. It gave me, as a TALC, greater control over how my session would run. I wasn’t reliant on anyone printing out materials or preparing the room – that kind of prep doesn’t feature in an online session.

Another advantage of training people online is that it’s more environmentally-friendly and time-effective.

Of course, as human beings, we were at the mercy of good IT connections, and like millions of people across the country, we learnt to cope with and solve IT disruptions. We also honed our skills in assessing competence, and judging where people would benefit from more questioning.

I was pleasantly surprised and encouraged by learners’ enthusiasm during the online sessions.

I was also impressed how fast people adapted to the new approach. Our learners got used to thinking on their feet. Those who weren’t IT-savvy learnt to use the new system quickly, finding ways of completing tasks when things didn’t quite work the way we expected! In fact, one of the unexpected benefits of lockdown is that many learners have actually bolstered their IT skills, and therefore their overall CV.

Above all, teaching virtually reminded me on a daily basis just how important good communication skills are!

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