Business Administration apprentice joins Training Now team

Training Now has welcomed a new Business Administration apprentice to its team.

Rhianne, aged 20, joins as Learning and Development Apprentice working towards her Business Administration Level 3 apprenticeship.

A nationwide training company, Training Now specialises in delivering practical social care, education and business apprenticeships as well as short courses and professional qualifications.

In addition to providing training for external partners, we offer apprenticeship opportunities within our own team based at our head office on Portland, in Dorset.

For our newest apprentice, this opportunity allowed her to change career path and gain the qualification she needs.

Meet Rhianne

Rhianne moved to Weymouth from Bedfordshire three years ago with her Mum and Stepdad as they pursued their dream of owning a B&B on the seafront.

While greatly enjoying the views of the beach and harbour, owning a B&B was not an aspiration she inherited from her parents. Instead, she was interested in nutrition and fitness. Rhianne explains;

“I studied nutrition and food tech at GCSE and wanted to be a nutritionist. When I left school and became a fitness instructor I realised it wasn’t what I really wanted. That’s the good thing about an apprenticeship. It meant I could gain qualifications in something else without having to take time away from work.”

Pursing something only to discover it isn’t what you thought it would be is often a big fear for people thinking about careers. Fortunately, it’s never too late to try something new.

As Rhianne discovered, an apprenticeship can help.

Opening up new possibilities

An apprenticeship is a great way to learn while continuing to earn. For Rhianne, it was an opportunity to gain the qualification she needed to progress her career without having to take time out of work to study.

Having previously worked as a fitness instructor, Rhianne wanted to find a career that offered her a clearer structure and pathway for progression. What’s more, she looked to become part of a friendly team that shared her positive energy and aspiration to succeed.

She would find all of this in Training Now thanks to the recommendation of a friend.

“Katie is one of my best friends outside of work and did the apprenticeship before me. She recommended I apply. I really wanted to gain a qualification and work in an office environment where I can work my way up, so it was perfect.”

Managing Director, Tara Roudiani (middle) with Rhianne to her left and Katie to her right.

Of course, this didn’t come without some hesitation. It is a common misconception that doing an apprenticeship often means earning less money but, as Rhianne adds, that isn’t the case.

“I was worried that an apprenticeship would mean I earnt a lot less. But I earn pretty much what I did in my old job and am now gaining a qualification as well.”

Business administration apprenticeship

As a Business Administration apprentice, Rhianne is responsible for booking all exams, taking minutes in meetings, and performing other administrative tasks that support the wider Training Now team.

As an apprentice in head office however, she also provides helpful insight. Tara Roudiani, Managing Director, explains;

“It is our policy to always have an apprentice within our team here at Training Now. Not only does this provide opportunities for those looking to pursue a career, but it gives us a valuable insight into how our apprenticeship programmes are supporting employers and individuals within the work environment.”

Build confidence with an apprenticeship

Now two months into her apprenticeship, Rhianne is already feeling more confident in her role and is grateful for all the support she has received from the team.

“Training Now is a small team that really cares about helping people build their careers. Everyone here is really supportive and wants to see every apprentice succeed. They are all behind you and genuinely care about your dreams and aspirations.”

Since starting her apprenticeship, Rhianne has seen her confidence grow. Never having worked in an office before, nerves and self-doubt left her anxious about such a big change. Already, these anxieties have diminished.

“I have become so much more confident since starting my apprenticeship. When I started I naturally doubted myself but Katie has helped with that, as a friend and someone who has done the apprenticeship.

“Soon after I started I took my first minutes in a meeting. It was daunting and I felt like I was being thrown in at the deep end but it was such a good confidence boost, especially when I got good feedback from the Managing Director, who spent time with me going through all the improvement points.”

Looking to the future

While unsure exactly what path awaits her, Rhianne is committed to staying with Training Now.

With aspirations of working her way up and taking on a managerial role further down the line, she recognises the important role that her apprenticeship is playing in setting up her future. To anyone thinking of doing an apprenticeship, she says:

“Just go for it. It gives you a good starting point to pursue what you want to do. It opens up so many opportunities, giving you a qualification while you continue to work. It’s worth it.”

Everyone at Training Now is delighted to welcome Rhianne to the team, and wish her all the best with her apprenticeship and her career.

If you are inspired by Rhianne’s story, find out more about our apprenticeships.

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