Safeguarding adults training

Safeguarding adults at risk of abuse is everyone’s responsibility.

Course overview

By completing our Safeguarding Adults training course, you will learn and develop the skills needed to ensure people at risk of abuse and neglect receive the care and protection they need to stay safe and unharmed.

During the short course you and your employees will explore safeguarding in a professional context and learn how to appropriately share information on safeguarding concerns.

There is also additional training on the role of supervision in safeguarding and best practices to overcome safeguarding challenges.

What you will learn

Our safeguarding adults training gives you and your staff the knowledge and skills needed to:

  1. Understand what abuse is
  2. Recognise the signs that someone may be being abused
  3. Report and record concerns around abuse
  4. Support someone who has been abused or made a disclose of abuse
  5. Understand aspects of duty of care and legislation that relate to safeguarding

Not the course you’re looking for?

We offer a range of short courses in health and social care, education and business.

All of our short courses meet the National Minimum Standards for care and can either be accredited or ‘in-house’ certified.

We can embed your own ways of working and policies into the course content, providing you with a bespoke training package.