New academic year resolutions

Your hopes for 2019/20, achievements, feedback, values and BBQ food safety.

New academic year resolutions 2019/20

It’s the start of a new academic year! What are your resolutions, hopes and plans for 2019/2020? It would be great to hear what you are planning this year whether it’s starting a new qualification or training course with Training Now, finishing your existing one or any other personal or career goals. For the chance to win a personal academic year planner email us your resolutions – first set we receive we will print in next month’s issue and send you your planner!

Recent achievements!

Congratulations go to:

  • Frances – Lead Adult Care Worker 3 (Wolves AUK)
  • Amy – Lead Adult Care Worker 3 (Southampton AUK)
  • Holly – Lead Adult care worker 3 (Weymouth AUK)
  • Tara – Adult care worker 2 (Weymouth AUK)

Holly said; “I’m very proud of my level 3 qualification. I know that it will help me achieve better care for our amazing clients and although it was hard work at times I’m grateful I have been given the opportunity by my employer to expand my career development.”

Luke Hall caught up with Frances. She said that achieving her apprenticeship has really helped with her in her role with Agincare as a care worker and with her overall career prospects.

Amy said that she is so pleased to have achieved her qualification and that Lauren (her assessor and our Apprenticeship manager) was amazing.

What British Muslims think about the term ‘British Values’

In an article published online in 2017, the website ‘The Conversation’ aimed to explore what British Muslims think of the term ‘British Values’.

“If I think about British Values and I think about my faith, I think there’s a lot of common ground. And common ground for me is serving my community, looking after my neighbours, regardless of whoever they are.”

Latest feedback

“I would like to thank you for all your support. You are an amazing teacher. You have helped and supported me throughout my qualification and because of this I have learnt a lot which has helped me greatly in my role as a registered manager. I must admit that sometimes it was hard work but it was very rewarding, you were always there to help when I needed it. Thank you so very much.”


“Thank you so much. I am very happy about my achievement. Finally, I did it! So proud of myself.”


Safeguarding apprentices and staff

Here at Training Now we are committed to keeping our apprentices and staff safe.

We do everything we can to ensure that we:

  • Protect people from radicalisation
  • Listen to and respect our staff and apprentices and take action when needed
  • Work in partnership with other agencies to promote a safe learning environment and share information appropriately.
  • Promote British Values: democracy, equality, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs
  • Practise safe recruitment

We offer guidance, advice and welfare support when needed. If you have a concern regarding yourself or someone else please contact a member of our safeguarding team:

Laura: / 07738892289

Alina: / 07720947247

Luke: / 07483067757

How to stop a summer BBQ from going bad

There are more than 500,000 cases of food poisoning in the UK each year. Campylobacter is considered responsible for more than half of those, leading to more than 100 deaths per year. Food Safety also applies to BBQing.

BBQ top tips

Before you start:

  • Make sure frozen foods are fully thawed before you start cooking them
  • Keep foods you plan to cook properly chilled in the fridge or a cool box until needed
  • Light your barbecue well in advance – for charcoal barbecues, the flames should have died down before you start cooking
  • Wash your hands before and after handling food
  • Remember to keep raw meat separate from cooked meat and ready-to-eat foods like salads. Cross-contamination is most likely to happen when raw food touches or drips onto ready-to eat food, utensils or surfaces.
  • Always use separate utensils for handling raw and cooked meat when cooking and never put cooked food on a dish that has been used for raw meat or poultry (unless it’s been thoroughly washed in between)
  • Keep food covered whenever possible
  • Cook food at the right temperature and for the correct length of time to ensure that any harmful bacteria are killed
  • Burgers should always be served well done
  • Consider cooking all chicken and pork in the oven first, then giving it a final finish on your barbecue

By following these simple tips you’ll ensure a safer, more enjoyable summer for you and those around you.

Equality & Diversity dates in August

  • 19th World Humanitarian Day
  • 24th Krishna Janmashtami
  • 26th August Bank Holiday
  • 30th International Day of the Disappeared

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