Dementia training on World Alzheimer’s Day

This World Alzheimer’s Day (21 September) the Alzheimer’s Society is urging people to become Dementia Friends, access dementia training and understand the small ways we can all help.

Every September, World Alzheimer’s Month (WAM) is an international campaign highlighting the issues faced by people living with, and affected by, dementia.

The WAM theme this year is ‘Let’s talk about dementia’. So we thought it would be a good opportunity to talk to Sara Kirk, one of our Teaching and Learning Coaches, and a specialist in dementia training.

All it takes is a conversation to see we’re still us

“Globally, there are nearly 50 million people living with dementia. Awareness is increasing about the different types of dementia, but we’ve still got some way to go. People who live with dementia are exactly that: people. They still laugh, love and feel lonely. To see what I mean, take a look at this video from the Alzheimer’s Society of children interviewing people with dementia:

Learn how to support people living with dementia

“If you work with or support someone living with dementia, you’ll need patience. It takes time to gently remind someone how to do things, or to spend a while looking through a memory box.

“But when the memory is stimulated, and a face lights up, it’s a break-through. Taking the time to help someone with dementia come alive and remember a passion for dance or music, or something else they used to love to do, it’s so worthwhile.

Dementia training

“Our dementia training will enhance your knowledge and understanding of dementia and how it can affect people. You’ll come away with a much deeper appreciation of the types of dementia and why how you communicate can make such a difference. Crucially, it will help you understand how to support people who are living with dementia so they can keep as much independence as possible.”

Find about more about our dementia training or contact the Training Now team.

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