Need careers advice? We’re here to help.

We’re encouraging all our apprentices to book a session with our careers adviser, Andrea Sanchez.

Whether you’re starting from scratch with your CV or could just do with a few pointers on your interview technique, Andrea is here to help you. You’ll benefit from Andrea’s extensive careers advice experience and his friendly, supportive approach.

It’s all part of the service

Our careers advice support is an integral part of what Training Now offers you as an apprentice – it’s embedded in our service, it’s not an add-on that you have to pay extra for.

An initial phone call with Andrea generally lasts an hour. The session covers a skills check and a discussion about your career aspirations, likes and dislikes, plus your strengths and where you feel you could do with some extra support.

Let’s hear from Andrea…

Supporting people and seeing them find their feet, gain self-belief and flourish gives me a real boost. Everyone has skills and positive attributes, but sometimes they lack confidence and need a helping hand to be the best they can be.

Impartial advice on courses

I can help you research a course or other training to move you forwards in your career.

Sometimes a discussion can open up unexpected career opportunities for an apprentice. Many skills are transferable to a variety of sectors, it’s often more a case of being open to ideas and suggestions. Talking through options and possibilities can lead to new and exciting plans.

I will always give unbiased and objective advice on courses, qualifications and universities. I’ll set out options for you, helping you come to a conclusion, but leaving you to ultimately make the decision yourself.

Help with your personal statement

If you’re thinking of applying to university, your personal statement is a really important part of the application process. It will set out your experience and qualifications, your background, what you want to achieve and your UCAS points. You need to get it right – I can help you hone your statement to be the best reflection of you.

Helping you write a successful CV

Starting from a blank sheet of paper to create a CV can be daunting – I have years of experience with CV-writing and know how best to present yourself on paper.

I won’t write your CV for you – it has to be your CV, but I can coach you through the process, and help you create a CV that stands out from the crowd.

If you’ve already got a CV I can give you constructive feedback on where and how you can make it even stronger, so that it gives you a better chance of getting an interview.

Building your confidence in your interview skills

Of course, having a top-notch CV is only the start. You need to be able to come across well in an interview – something that many apprentices find daunting.

But I truly believe that interview skills can be learned. A little bit of coaching and some practice in useful techniques can go a long way.

It always gives me great pleasure to work with people who start with zero confidence in their abilities and go on to build belief in what they can achieve.

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