On/off-the-job training explained!

At Training Now we have changed the name of ‘off-the-job training’ to ‘on-the-job training’. We want to make it clearer for everyone what this really is and means. You may also hear it called ‘OTJ’ for short.

An apprenticeship is a job with a formal programme of training. An apprenticeship is a work-based programme. The training is required to help the apprentice become fully occupationally competent in the workplace.

So it is reasonable that the apprenticeship should be delivered during an apprentice’s normal working hours.

Each month your TALC (Teaching & Learning Coach) will plan your OTJ for the month with your line manager at your monthly review. Working this way the OTJ is agreed and your manager can make sure that the service is covered should you need to attend a training or teaching session.

Many tasks in your role can be counted as ‘OTJ’. Your TALC will be able to advise you if a planned activity will be counting as your OTJ.

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