Modern slavery is closer than you think

Modern slavery covers all forms of slavery, trafficking and exploitation.

Trafficking includes transporting, recruiting or harbouring an individual with a view to them being exploited.

Modern slavery crimes may involve, or take place alongside, a wide range of abuses and other criminal offences such as grievous bodily harm, assault, rape or child sexual abuse.

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Who are the victims?

Victims of modern slavery can be men, women and children of any age across the world. There is an assumption that victims are often trafficked to the UK from other countries. However, residents of the UK are also among the victims that are exploited in the UK and other countries.

Victims may struggle to leave their situation because of threats, punishment, violence, coercion and deception. Some may believe that they are not in a situation of exploitation.

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How to report modern slavery

Trafficking gangs are dangerous criminals. If you come across anyone you believe could be a victim of modern slavery, a property that raises suspicion, or a business you think might be using forced labour, either:

  • call the helpline on 0800 0121 700 or
  • call the police

It is the duty of trained professionals to identify victims so leave it up to them.

If you believe that a child is at risk, immediately contact the police and the local authority children’s services.

Where to find out more

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