Is an earn while you learn apprenticeship worth it?

There’s no doubt that doing an earn while you learn apprenticeship is a commitment. You’ll be studying while working and you’ll definitely need the support of your family. But completing an apprenticeship also shows your current and prospective employers that you have dedication and determination to develop yourself, both as a person and in your career.

Olesea’s story

We spoke to current Training Now apprentice Olesea Bejenari for her thoughts and advice on doing an apprenticeship…

Originally from Moldova, I’ve been working for care provider Agincare for getting on for six years. I’m currently part of a project team based in Guildford, Surrey.

A busy day job

My role is to help and support people with rehabilitation after they have been discharged from hospital. During a visit I help them with personal care, administer medications, serve them meals, and encourage them to take part in activities. I do exercises with them because this is one of the most important things, to get them strong and to help them regain their independence.

I do about 10 visits a day, sometimes driving long distances between visits. You’ve probably got the right idea by now – it’s a rewarding, yet extremely busy job!

Plenty of support during your apprenticeship

At the same time I’m also studying for my Apprenticeship level 3 – Lead Adult Care Worker. Last year I did my Apprenticeship level 2 – Adult Care Worker apprenticeship. I received an email from Agincare with the story of a lady who had already completed an apprenticeship. Her story gave me immense strength and showed me I wasn’t alone.

I also had a lot of support and encouragement from my Training Now assessor, Daniela Bardell. Daniela believed in me and helped me believe that I could do it. And with the support of my husband, friends and colleagues, I managed to get to the end.

I feel very proud that I did it. In fact, completing my Level 2 helped me in my job role, and developed my knowledge.

Now my manager has offered me training (Level 3) to become a team leader. I am glad that I have been given the opportunity to grow in my career.

Believe in yourself

And I don’t want to stop there! I know that I can do it. I know that the time is passing quickly. Committing to an apprenticeship means that when you look back on another year, you’ll have had more success, and more confidence in yourself.

The benefits of an earn while you learn apprenticeship

Olesea is just one of the hundreds of people, of all ages, that we support to successfully complete an apprenticeship. Apprenticeships can help you progress quickly in your career, combining relevant study with hands-on experience.

It’s not only your CV that’ll be boosted by an earn while you learn apprenticeship – your bank balance will be too.

And you’ll emerge at the end of your course with a nationally-recognised qualification to set you up for the future. Employers like having apprentices within their teams. Not only do apprenticeships help keep employees motivated and committed to an organisation, they also help them develop their skills in a practical way. It’s a win-win!

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