Quick-thinking social care apprentice saves man’s life

Emergency first aid training proved invaluable for a Training Now social care apprentice when she came to the aid of a man having a heart attack in the street.

Soreya Kia is a member of Agincare’s Christchurch home care team. She is currently a social care apprentice doing her Health and Social Care Level 3 with Training Now. On a day off Soreya was about to set off on a jog when she saw someone waving and asking for help. On the ground next to him a man was clearly in pain and struggling to breathe.

Making a difference

Soreya said: “I really love what I do and being able to help people is my aim. Having been trained welI in my job, I knew exactly what I needed to do, which was take control and act fast. I could see he was deteriorating fast and getting worse. I laid him flat on the ground and kept him responsive. The ambulance was taking a long time to arrive. I knew if he fell completely unconscious then I would need to perform CPR. Another passer-by tracked his pulse while I monitored his breathing.”

Soreya calmly repeated her actions for 30 minutes until the ambulance arrived. Christopher was transferred to hospital where he underwent heart surgery.

Soreya added: “Caring for people comes naturally to me – I’m so glad I could make a difference.”

Social care apprentices have skills for life

Training Now Operations Director, Scott Jones said:

“Well done, Soreya, it just goes to show how good social care training can be applied in many different situations. Our health and social care apprenticeships – from Levels 2 to 5 – support practical and professional growth and career progression with recognised RQF qualifications. They really do give you skills for life.”

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